What are metal web joists?

Metal web joists provide an innovative timber engineered solution to support a floor spanning over an open area, in both domestic and commercial buildings.

These floor joists are rising in popularity amongst UK housebuilders as they can provide a number of benefits, compared to its’ alternatives.

Features and benefits of metal web joists

Here are 8 reasons why metal web joists make the job easier for all housebuilders.

1. Lightweight but strong

easi-joists® are parallel chord trusses which use stress-graded timber chords combined with Wolf Systems’ patented, precision engineered metal webs. The combination of the strong timber and lightness of the metal webs makes this a lightweight but strong floor joist, compared to solid timber joists, making it easier to handle and install onsite. Additionally, easi-joists® require fewer metal webs and use up to 20% less timber, compared to alternative engineered floor joists.

2. Quicker installation

The floor joists’ lightness can help speed up installation onsite, and require less labour, as it is easier to handle.

3. Easy installation of services and pipes

The open metal web design means there is no need to cut or drill holes in the joist. This provides easier installation of services and pipes, resulting in the reduction of surface pipework, thus, speeding up the construction time onsite.

4. More design flexibility

Compared to its alternative, metal web joists can span up to greater distances providing more design flexibility for both commercial and domestic buildings. Flexibility in design can result in significant reduction in building costs.

5. Improved performance efficiency

easi-joists®, when used with a rigid strongback, reduce vibration and improve the overall performance of the floor. Additionally, there is less shrinkage and reduced risk of squeaky floors, therefore providing a quieter and longer lasting floor system.

6. Less wastage onsite

As our metal web joists are made to measure, wastage onsite it practically eliminated.

7. Suitable for multi-occupancy buildings

The easi-joist® system particularly suits multi-occupancy buildings as they are manufactured to high acoustic and fire performance standards which benefit party floor construction, while the strength built into the floors improves floor rigidity.

8. Suitable for roof and wall structures

At Scotts we can design metal web joists to create, not only floor structures, but also roof structures (easi-rafter® roofs). easi-joists® have excellent spanning and load bearing capacity and so can be positioned at any angle between zero and 90 degrees. Metal web joists can be easily adapted to create pitched roof structures as a lighter, more thermally efficient solution.

Furthermore, metal web joists can be used to create wall structures (easi-panel® walls). This system comprises of open web studs assembled from strength-graded timber flanges, plated together with precision-engineered metal webs.

Scotts use Wolf Systems’ patented, strong metal webs combined with stress-graded timber, to provide a cost-effective floor system for our customers. Metal web joists can reduce the overall build time and can significantly reduce costs.

Find out more about our easi-joist® metal web system. Or if you would like to enquire about our products for your next project, please contact us on 01527 520550 or email trusses@scottste.co.uk