Maximising the living space in new and existing houses has become an increased priority in the UK. Room-in-roof trusses have become the most economical solution for this.

What are room-in-roof trusses?

Room-in-roof trusses, also known as attic trusses, are a cost-effective solution for housebuilders, allowing them to provide up to 65% more living space without changing the footprint of a house.

Attic trusses are a real benefit to the housebuilder, developer and homeowner as it is a quick solution to provide extra storage space, such as attic/lofts, or can be utilised as an additional room in the house.

What are the features and benefits?

Room-in-roof trusses can serve as both a structural roof and floor in a single component. Once erected onsite, it provides a complete roof structure ready for roof finishes, plasterboard and floor boarding.

The bottom chord of the attic truss are designed with larger timber sections to support the load bearing floor. Alternatively, attic trusses can be designed with the bottom chord incorporating our easi-joist® members, which will allow for easy installation of services, pipes and insulation. This is a great benefit for housebuilders using attic trusses where the requirement is to build a home with an additional floor.

Finally, home buyers will appreciate the additional space provided by an attic truss as they can turn it into habitable rooms, such as additional bedrooms or an office space.

Scotts Timber Engineering manufactures bespoke attic trusses in an offsite controlled factory ensuring consistent quality, efficiency and on time delivery. We are also able to design attic trusses incorporating roof lights and dormers.

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Room-in-Roof Trusses