Championing Timber Sustainability, One PEFC-Accredited Step At A Time

Scotts Timber Engineering is just as committed to protecting the environment for future generations as it is to supplying the best quality timber trusses and joists. The goal for our brand has always been to become leaders in sustainable timber sourcing and supplying the best quality engineered timber solutions while ensuring that our solutions are still cost-effective for our loyal customers. To achieve this, we have implemented multiple measures over the years to help realise this vision.

One of our key and most impactful commitments to protecting the future of the planet is to work with sustainably-sourced timber, which is our material of choice for our timber trusses and engineered timber joists. We, like many others, opt for sustainably sourced timber due to its natural benefits as a low carbon, fully renewable construction product. Every timber solution that is manufactured in our workshops is PEFC-certified, further demonstrating our ongoing mission to minimise our environmental impact.

PEFC-certified since 2015

Scotts Timber Engineering has proudly held The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) for the last seven years. We wear this sustainability badge with pride, and the certification is a widely-recognised indicator that the timber that our joists and trusses are manufactured from, has been sourced from PEFC-certified suppliers and is of top quality.

“PEFC gives us the assurance that the timber we source to manufacture our truss and joist products is sustainable, legal and of the highest quality. This means that when a tree is harvested, more are planted in line with environmental, social and economic needs,” explains James Scott, our managing director.

“By meeting the standards set out in the PEFC’s Chain of Custody, our customers can rest assured that the timber products they receive for their construction and renovation projects are responsibly-sourced. In turn, this enables them to demonstrate their commitment to using sustainable timber to their customers.”


sustainable timber trusses and engineered timber joists


Active PEFC members

We are active members of the PEFC, regularly attending the stakeholder events and AGM to keep up to date with the standards and best practices. Our managing director and technical timber sales manager recently returned from the Stakeholder Dialogue – Mitigating Climate Change: Win With Wood event in Dublin where he met with many influential members.

Tracey Reeve, PEFC operations manager, says: “Scotts are always keen to attend our AGMs and stakeholder events, as well as stay up to speed with our work and campaigns. They also keep in touch with us about emerging sustainability issues too which gives us the opportunity to help where we can.

“We’re always looking for ways to spread the PEFC word and really appreciate how dedicated Scotts are to supporting our work and helping realise our vision through their everyday operations.”

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sustainable timber trusses and engineered timber joists