We are a leading manufacturer and mass supplier of trusses, with the capability to provide bespoke designs.

A highly-engineered prefabricated product, manufactured in factory-controlled conditions to independently audited high production standards. Roofing solutions from Scotts’ Timber Engineering can be found on quality residential developments across the southern half of the UK.

Why Scotts for your next project?

Our team will assist you through the entire process from design, manufacture and supply through to any required post-sales support you may require.
  • Suitable for a wide range of roof structures and building types
  • Made of timber, the only truly renewable building resource
  • Speed of manufacture allows just-in-time delivery to site
  • Prefabricated components mean reduced labour costs
  • More thermally efficient than alternative materials such as aluminium, steel or concrete
  • Efficient manufacturing process reduces emissions and pollution
  • Space saving – no on-site storage area required
  • Minimal environmental impact from installation

View our range

Take a look at our prefabricated roof trusses, feature trusses, attic trusses and spandrel panels and get in touch to see how we can help you.

curved timber trussed rafters

Roof Trusses & Trussed Rafters

Also known as trussed rafters, roof trusses can be used on projects of all shapes and sizes.
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Hardwood and Softwood Timber Feature Trusses

Timber Feature Trusses

Ideal for adding more character to a room, architectural feature trusses create an open and spacious feeling.
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attic and loft roof trusses uk

Attic Roof Trusses

Also known as room in or loft roof trusses, attic trusses are ideal for creating more space without altering the footprint of a house.
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Timber Gable & Spandrel Panel Manufacturers UK

Spandrel and Gable Panels

Ideal for volume housebuilders to save time and reduce risk, our timber spandrel panels are a pre-assembled structural solution used as a separating panel or as an external gable roof panel.
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Are you...

...a luxury homes developer or housebuilder with the highest quality standards? You might be a regional division of a major volume housebuilder or a developer of small, bespoke communities across the Midlands and Southern England. We’re made for you.

Specialist Housebuilders

We help you find the most cost-effective timber engineering solutions.

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Volume Housebuilders

We support you by creating the best timber solutions for large developments.

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Luxury Developers

We provide high-quality, bespoke timber products for luxury housing developments.

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Our Process

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Step 2 Bespoke
Step 3 High-Quality
Step 4 Safe
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