Timber is one of the only renewable, natural building materials

We recognise the importance of protecting the environment for future generations and so we are committed to a process of continual improvement in our environmental impact.

We use timber as it is a renewable, sustainable building material and at Scotts, all our manufactured products are PEFC-certified.

Timber was the chosen material for Scotts of Thrapston when we first started in 1920. This was long before anyone had uttered the words climate change but today, sustainability is key to minimising our environmental impact.

We believe choosing sustainably sourced timber over other carbon-intensive materials in housebuilding is a big step in the right direction.

PEFC Certification

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, or PEFC as it is more widely known, is a voluntary global certification scheme that promotes sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification.

A key part of our sustainability commitment, PEFC gives us the assurance that the timber we source to manufacture our products is sustainable and legal. This ensures when a tree is harvested, more are planted in line with environmental, social and economic needs.

Chain of Custody

PEFC Certification isn’t just good news for us. This benefit is passed on directly to our customers who can have confidence that the products they have purchased are legal and sustainable.

The chain of custody monitors timber products through the entire process, from harvesting the tree to the end product. Beyond legal requirements, this ensures transparency.

We look to our supply chain to take a similarly serious commitment to sustainability and also seek out best practice and interact with our customers’ programmes.

Reducing Waste

Scotts Timber Engineering strives to find new ways to reduce waste. This includes focusing our efforts on minimising production waste and increasing recycling. We are moving to eliminate, reduce or recycle packaging. Within our factory, we make efforts to minimise power consumption and wastage. We also have a transport policy that helps minimise fuel consumption and impact on other road users.

We encourage all staff to be vigilant to how they can help reduce waste and think in a sustainable way.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Scotts Timber Engineering has achieved its bronze membership of the Supply Chain Sustainability School

A vital requirement for key suppliers in the new homes sector and endorsed by all the UK’s leading housebuilders, Sustainability School membership reassures home builders that essential sustainability skills and knowledge are embedded in every part of their business model. The scheme has been created via an award-winning collaboration between clients, contractors, and their supply chains.

The School is an educational resource hub which allows its members to access online and in-person learning in eight main topic areas: sustainability, digital, offsite, procurement, lean construction, fairness, inclusion and respect, people and management.

Its ‘maturity matrix’ has helped Scotts to assess its current strengths and competencies and has provided a tailored action plan that will help the business achieve best-in-class status.

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