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new staff member rox newton
Meet the team: Rox Newton
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MiTek’s PAMIR design platform
Scotts Timber Engineering adopts MiTek’s PAMIR design platform for enhanced efficiency and customer experience
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Promotion news: Billy Richardson, group Head of Sales
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Meet the team: Ben Fett, trainee estimator/designer
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Timber engineering expert joins senior team at Scotts
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Timber supplies - Scotts Timber Engineering video
Timber supplies – what’s the latest situation for UK housebuilders?
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sustainable timber trusses and engineered timber joists
Championing Timber Sustainability, One PEFC-Accredited Step At A Time
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The UK’s largest timber trusses in the last 10 years?
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Scotts Timber Engineering supports Founder15 for second year
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Loden Townsend Designer Passes Exams
Designer Passes Exams With Flying Colours!
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Dean Turley Promotion to manager
Designer Dean Brings Extensive Company Knowledge to Manager Role
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