Scotts’ are designers, manufacturers and installers of bespoke car barns and car ports for UK housebuilders and developers.

Scotts’ car barns and car ports are individually designed, by in-house architects, to fit with the aesthetics and character of new house styles as the local surroundings. Scotts’ work closely with UK housebuilders and developers to ensure specific site and planning requirements are strictly adhered to.

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Take a look at our timber car barns and carports and get in touch to see how we can help you.

timber car barns

Timber Car Barns

All Scotts bespoke timber car barns are designed to suit any project.
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Traditional Timber Carports UK

Timber Carports

An attractive, cost-effective solution for car storage on housing estates.
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Traditional Timber Carports UK


The sustainable alternative to more bespoke solutions of standardised timber carports, car barns and porches.
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Are you...

...a luxury homes developer or housebuilder with the highest quality standards? You might be a regional division of a major volume housebuilder or a developer of small, bespoke communities across the Midlands and Southern England. We’re made for you.

Specialist Housebuilders

We help you find the most cost-effective timber engineering solutions.

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Volume Housebuilders

We support you by creating the best timber solutions for large developments.

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Luxury Developers

We provide high-quality, bespoke timber products for luxury housing developments.

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