7 benefits of door porches for new housing developments

Timber porch canopies add character to a property and are easy to install as a complete porch kit, providing both practical and aesthetic qualities for the exterior of a new home.

Timber Porch Benefits

1. Kerb appeal

Everyone knows that an attractive house is a desirable house, and the addition of a door canopy can greatly improve any home’s appearance. This in turn can improve saleability in a competitive housing market.

2. Easy to install

Porch canopies are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes and are quick and easy to install. They can be designed and manufactured bespoke for any new build project. Furthermore, timber porches offer structural performance, allowing for all tile solutions to be fitted.

3. Character

Porch canopies are a cost-effective way for housebuilders and developers to inject character into a development. They are especially useful in breaking up the flat appearance of modern terrace homes or semi-detached homes. Alternating the styles of the canopies can improve the appearance of the street, and, more importantly, bring individuality to the properties.

4. Style

With current trends such as ‘cottagecore’ dominating interiors across the UK, this is an ideal way to extend this style to the exterior of a home. The addition of a porch canopy is a quick and easy way to evoke a certain period in history, including Georgian and Victorian.

5. Colour

Traditionally porch canopies are finished in natural wood or with a white paint finish. However, they can be painted to match the front door for a more striking and distinctive look and to further individualise properties.

6. Practicality

The British weather is notoriously damp and wet, and often we’re caught out by a sudden downpour. A well-designed porch canopy is a functional way of providing shelter from the elements, both rain and sunshine.

7. Site management

At Scotts Timber Engineering, our ‘one stop shop’ approach means we can work with you on just-in-time scheduling to ensure your porch kits are delivered at the point you need them, preventing the need for storage.

Whether you need a volume order of standard porches to bespoke feature canopies for luxury properties, Scotts can talk through the best option for you.


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