Easi-Fit – Our newest product range

Construction delays can wreak havoc on budgets and timelines. Every minute lost translates to increased costs and headaches, so we know housebuilders are always looking for solutions that can add value to developments whilst improving efficiency overall.

At Scotts, we are proud to introduce Easi-Fit, our innovative solution designed to cut down on construction time on housing developments while improving aesthetics.

Easi-Fit is designed specifically for housebuilders, designers, architects, and specifiers looking to add flair to houses with minimal effort. It offers a standardised range of products as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar garages and porches, featuring prefabricated components made from PEFC-certified engineered timber.

Easi-Fit is delivered on a just-in-time basis with offsite manufactured components designed to minimise on-site assembly time.


Benefits include:

  1. Offsite Construction

Timber’s suitability for offsite construction is well-known. Easi-Fit takes full advantage of this attribute with all kits manufactured to a high standard at our historic factory in Redditch. Delivered on a just-in-time basis to the construction site, these prefabricated components minimise on-site assembly time.

Easi-Fit’s standardised measurements and configurations can easily be procured and incorporated into housing developments at scale.


  1. Carbon Conscious

Easi-Fit is designed to make it as easy as possible for housebuilders to replace aspects of their builds with timber, so it is a win-win for our customers in sustainability, costs and speed of installation.

By utilising PEFC-certified engineered timber, Easi-Fit not only enhances aesthetics but also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint. Timber is a renewable resource, and its use in Easi-Fit components ensures a sustainable approach to construction.

In 2022, we have completed our Carbon Footprint certification to help ensure we can maximise the low carbon benefits of timber products for our customers. For every tonne of timber used in our buildings instead of concrete, another two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are saved.


  1. Designing with nature in mind

With Easi-Fit, housebuilders and designers have a powerful tool at their disposal. This range of standardised timber vehicle storage solutions and porches seamlessly integrates timber into designs, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar-based garages and entryways.

Easi-Fit’s secret lies in its use of PEFC-certified engineered timber. By harnessing the beauty and strength of wood, designers can enhance the overall aesthetics of any project. Whether it’s a porch or an elegant vehicle storage solution, Easi-Fit delivers both form and function.

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