How To Add A Timber Door Porch To Your Property Development

Door porches and canopies are becoming increasingly trendy in the new-build property market, so it’s understandable that you may consider building one to add a wow factor to your next development project.

Door porches and canopies offer not just additional aesthetic appeal, but tangible benefits as well. Did you know that door porches and canopies provide vital shelter from extreme weather conditions? These simple little investments help to increase your curb value and protect the front door of a property.

Use a bespoke timber door porch manufacturer

The idea of building a timber door canopy on a large scale without the direction of a timber specialist can seem overwhelming, especially when many projects rely on being as cost-efficient and time-friendly as possible. However, there’s a safe pair of hands for just this matter. Here at Scotts Timber Engineering, we have all the timber expertise, resources and tips you’ll need to get the immaculate first impression of the new build you desire. Below, we have outlined the materials and potential costs required to build a door porch for your property development or refurbishment from scratch, as well as the services we have available to help you along the way.

What equipment is needed?

To build a new door porch, the first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you have the right tools for the job on your worksite. For maximum results, ensure that your team has quality items like a saw, hammer, tape, bucket, trowel, ratchet set, power tools, a ladder, stapler and a lead beater.

Once your workforce has the right tools for the job, you then need to seek the correct timber porch materials. There are many needed for this kind of job, such as timber, roofing (like felt, shingles, tiles or sheet roofing depending on the type of finish you want), cement, sand, tile baton, varnish, aluminium nails and more.

How much does it cost?

The long list of materials needed to start building can seem off-putting, especially when assessing the cost of it all. Seeing this and being in that position ourselves, we at Scotts Timber Engineering have created bespoke wooden porch kits for front doors which include all the key materials such as structural and joinery timbers, plywood, gallows brackets, porch posts and porch bases.

The cost of your bespoke porch kit ultimately depends on any unique requirements you may encounter or desire, however, this can be a much more affordable and high-quality option in comparison to sourcing all the materials yourself – not to mention less time-consuming too!

About Scotts Timber Engineering

Scotts Timber Engineering aims to provide expert support from start to finish for your door porch project. Our team will assist you through the entire process – from design, manufacture and delivery, including any post-sale support you may require.

Our timber meets the highest quality PEFC standards and is sourced from sustainably managed forests. We can also supply the timber for your porch-in-progress with various treatments and finishes to your taste.

Scotts Timber Engineering works closely with customers seeking to build new door porches or canopies, developing meaningful working relationships to create the best timber solutions. If you are unsure about our bespoke door porch kits or want to see which products are right for your project, contact our team today.