Meet the team – Ben Bowyer, accounts assistant

Ben Bowyer is currently working as an accounts assistant at Scotts Timber Engineering. He began his career in the truss production department and was later promoted to the accounts assistant position after the role was advertised. Scotts Timber Engineering recognised Ben’s interest in finance, which led to his promotion.


His skills and determination impressed the company, which supported his AAT qualification to develop his skills and knowledge further.

We spoke to Ben about his work, including what it involves and what he finds most rewarding.

1) What motivated you to join Scotts Timber Engineering?

I was looking for an opportunity to work in the timber industry, and I heard good things about Scotts Timber Engineering from some friends who were already working there. So, I applied for a position as a trussed rafter technician in the production factory, and I was happy to get hired.

2) You began your career in the truss production department; how was your experience there?

I enjoyed working in the truss production department because it was a dynamic and challenging environment. My role involved setting out and stacking the materials for the timber roof trusses, as well as reading and interpreting the production drawings and diagrams. I found this aspect very interesting and rewarding.

3) How do you feel about contributing to the creation of roofs for houses?

It feels amazing to know that I have played a part in producing roofs that provide shelter and comfort for people. Roofs are essential for any building, and they require careful design and planning by skilled professionals. I take pride in my work and always strive to deliver high-quality and accurate results.

4) How did you adapt to the new role of accounts assistant after working in truss production?

It was quite a change for me to move from the production floor to the office, as I had to work with a different team and focus on different tasks, but I felt very supported and was always welcomed by everyone at Scotts.

I see it as a positive change because I could use my maths skills and challenge myself in a new area. At the same time, Scotts Timber Engineering is currently sponsoring my qualification with the AAT, which is a great feeling as the company is investing in me and helping me further my career.

5) What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I appreciate having the responsibility and autonomy to complete the tasks I work on, such as posting of purchase invoices and raising sales invoices for the Scotts group, implementing and executing my own ideas, and assisting other colleagues in the finance department.

In the accounts assistant role, I always have something to keep me busy, but what I enjoy the most is working in an area that I am passionate about.

It is a great feeling knowing that the company is always looking to promote from within because it gives everyone a chance to learn and demonstrate their skills.