Chain of Custody Policy Statement

Chain of Custody Policy Statement


Scotts Timber Engineering purchases and uses timber and wood-based materials in the manufacture of structural timber components.

Scotts Timber Engineering has committed to implement and maintain these Chain of Custody (COC) procedures to ensure compliance with the PEFC criteria. As part of this system, it is Scotts Timber Engineering’s policy to avoid using wood that has been illegally harvested, is from genetically modified trees and from uncertified high conservation value old-growth forests, specifically from areas where traditional or civil rights are violated. In addition, timber from natural forest that has been converted to plantations or non-forest use will also be avoided.

Should it ever be the case that Scotts Timber Engineering uses wood from these sources, we will take prompt and appropriate action, including stopping purchases from such sources for products covered by this policy.

Scotts Timber Engineering’s Chairman is responsible for implementing this policy and the Chain of Custody Manager (“the COC Manager”) has the day-to-day responsibility of ensuring Scotts Timber Engineering’s COC policy is maintained to the highest level.

Scotts Timber Engineering will also ensure that any percentage claim will increase as our suppliers’ claims increase. We will work closely with all our suppliers to encourage greater use of certified timber in line with our policy of continual improvement.

On some products lines where certified material is either unavailable or in limited supply, we will continue to seek alternative sources or work with the supplying company to implement their own COC.

Scotts Timber Engineering works with the Certification Body to ensure that all criteria required by PEFC are met and that any non-conformances are addressed promptly.