7 reasons why housebuilders use spandrel panels

What is a spandrel panel?

A spandrel panel is a pre-assembled structural panel used to separate walls or external gables, replacing the need for masonry walls. Spandrel panels are easy for housebuilders to install and comply with current building regulations.

What is the difference between a party wall and a gable wall panel?

There are two types of spandrel panels – party wall and gable wall panels.

A party wall panel is used as a separating wall between two residential buildings. A gable wall panel provides an alternative to the inner leaf of an exterior masonry wall at the gable end of a building.

Why should housebuilders use spandrel panels?

  1. Spandrel panels are manufactured in an offsite controlled manufacturing facility, saving time on site and are a cost-effective solution for housebuilders.
  2. Spandrel panels can help improve safety onsite, as they require less time working at height.
  3. Spandrel panels can be installed quickly removing the need for masonry walls in the roof space, which can result in lower costs.
  4. Spandrel panels replace the need to construct masonry walls, which can reduce time and costs.
  5. Spandrel panels are pre-assembled thus reducing onsite waste reduction.
  6. Using spandrel panels can help to address the shortage of skilled workers onsite. There’s no need for bricklayers to return to site to build up walls after the roof is erected, and a reduced need for scaffolding, all of which saves money.
  7. Spandrel panels made by Scotts Timber Engineering comply with the latest building regulations and Robust Details – structural, thermal, and fire resistance performance standards. We are a one stop shop, providing your spandrel panels and roof trusses in one package.

Find technical information on spandrel panels and gable wall panels on the Trussed Rafter Association’s website.



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