5 Reasons Why Housebuilders Use Metal Web Joists

What is a metal web joist?

Metal web joists combine the sturdiness of steel with the lightness of timber for a floor or roofing system. Sometimes metal web joists are referred to as easi-joists® or posi joist systems as well. Metal web joist installation can be carried out in all types of buildings and constructions, from large housing developments and hotels to small blocks of flats.

Many developers are now choosing metal web joists as part of their new builds due to them possessing both practical and economical benefits. Combining metal webs with timber chords can provide a much more efficient system than alternatives solely made of timber. Web joists are becoming increasingly popular with architects and engineers due to the span capability of the structure. Web joists can be used in both floor and roof construction and both come with a wealth of benefits.

If you are unsure of where to begin with metal web joist installation for your development, this is no cause for concern. Here at Scotts Timber Engineering, we can provide you with all the advice and resources you need, including a bespoke easi-joist® installation service.

Why housebuilders use metal web joists

1. Allows for easy installation of service pipes
Open metal web joists provide easy access for mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems (otherwise known as MVHR systems). This makes the installation of items such as pipes and cabling much easier in comparison to using a system composed of timber alone.

2. Greater spanning distances than traditional joists
The vast spanning distance of a metal web joist system provides a generous surface for fixing plasterboard and chipboard for ceilings and floors. This creates a wider fixing point for your system of floor or roofing joists.

3. Lightweight and easy to handle on-site
Since metal web joists reduce the volume of materials compared to that of using a traditional joist system, their installation is much easier to handle. Due to the reduced weight, incorporating a metal web joist system can help reduce the build-up time on sites, as well as labour costs.

4. Environmentally sustainable
Not only do metal web joists provide many practical benefits for housing developments, they also aid the reduction of site wastage. They are also environmentally sustainable due to their long-lasting durability. These building solutions also help to reduce waste as they are manufactured to size in-house and require next to no on-site alterations.

5. Suitable for roof and wall structures

Metal web joists can be implemented in roof structures via the easi-rafter® roofs system. easi-joists® have excellent spanning and load-bearing capacity and can be positioned at any angle between zero and 90 degrees, depending on your plans. Metal web joists can be easily adapted to create pitched roof structures as a lighter, more thermally efficient solution.

Metal web joists can also be used to create wall structures via the easi-panel® walls system. This innovative system contains open web studs assembled from strength-graded timber flanges which are then plated together with precision-engineered metal webs. This results in a lightweight yet tough system for your structure.


About Scotts Timber Engineering

If you’re running a housing development project and are looking for a more practical alternative to timber joists, Scotts Timber Engineering can help.

We design, manufacture and install bespoke metal web joist systems, easi-joists®, which compliment our exclusively strong and sustainably sourced timber. Our metal web joists are specially tailored to help UK housebuilders and developers.

Scotts Timber Engineering develops meaningful working relationships with key stakeholders to create the best timber solutions. We will ensure that specific site and planning requirements are strictly adhered to, so you won’t have to worry about meeting any of these crucial requirements.

If you are unsure about our metal web joists or want to see which products are right for your project, contact our team today who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.


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