Feature Trusses: Revealing the Added Value of Exposed Timber Trusses

Installing a feature truss in a home brings character and an eye-catching focal point to a property: a simple way to add value.

Feature trusses, also known as bolted trusses, take trusses beyond a structural support tucked away out of sight to a thing of beauty to be showcased and celebrated.

Despite often being more energy efficient and having all the modern cons a homeowner needs, new build homes often lack character. Hence the popularity of exposed roof trusses, a simple yet effective touch for new build properties and for renovation projects too.

A feature timber truss as the focal point of a room can enhance and lift the space of a room. By using hardwood or softwood species, feature trusses can last a lifetime. A recent restoration of a former merchants’ cloth trading exchange, First White Cloth Hall in Leeds, still includes the original oak feature trusses, believed to be almost 500 years old.

Feature trusses provide an elegant touch, bringing warmth and character into the room and fit with the popular industrial or rustic trends favoured by homeowners.

Often preferred in a natural finish, feature trusses can be pressure treated, stained or paint finished. For the finishing touch, exterior fittings can be completed in a range of materials including stainless steel, galvanised steel or a painted black finish. Connections can also be hidden.

Feature trusses can complete the look of a room

Feature trusses can complete the look of a room, so they need to be created to suit the character of the home. Bespoke feature trusses can be created for developments of 5 to 100+ homes, providing a special touch for any new home.

Scotts Timber Engineering specialise in designing roof trusses and supplying all structural roof components and other key timber components such as timber porch kits and timber garages and car barns.

Our team of dedicated design experts are on hand to deliver your bespoke requirements, manufacturing feature trusses from any hardwood or softwood to help you provide desirable homes while reaping value.

Scotts Timber Engineering manufacture Roof Trusses for housebuilders all over the UK. For more information on the service we provide, or for a quotation, get in touch here.